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Waterproof Black Collection Playing Cards

Bring Them With You To The Pool Or The Beach, These Waterproof Playing Cards Are Perfect for Parties!

Do you have ripped and damaged playing cards?  Spilt drinks or water at the beach ruining your poker game?

Keep our Waterproof Playing Cards on hand so you can bring the fun no matter where you go. They are great for kids and adults and perfect for all card games imaginable.

Pack the Waterproof Playing Cards on your next road trip! Wipe them clean and don't worry about them tearing or bending. These cards will have you playing all night long!


  • Sleek and Cool  - These cards are not just designed to withstand water and drinks, but they will also make you look like a professional card player the next time you bring them out at a party!
  • Waterproof  - You can dunk them in water or spill a beer on them, these Waterproof Playing Cards won't get soggy and wipe clean!
  • Ultra Durable - Fold them, bend them, shuffle them and more. No card player will be able to rip your cards!
  • Fun for the WHOLE Family  - Play gold fish with the kids or organize a Texas Holdem night with the boys, these cards are perfect for any occasion!
  • Environment Friendly - Completely  reusable, reduce the waste of numerous floppy paper decks and reuse your new Waterproof Playing Cards over and over agin!

Durable, Fun, and Cool! Bring on another card game with your new favourite Waterproof Playing Cards!