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Studio LED Light Cell Phone Holder

Instantly Transform Your Photos And Videos to Professional Posts With This Phone Holder!

Tired of bad lighting ruining the perfect photo?  Want your viewers to be wowed by your social media posts?

Create the ultimate photo or video using our Studio LED Light Cell Phone Holder. Instantly turn  ANY dimly lit area into professional studio lighting that flatters.

Place our Studio LED Light on any table or chair for beautiful hands free lighting. Simply select the  lighting shade and brightness to capture the perfect image. NEVER post a dark, blurry photo or video ever again!


  • Hands FREE  - Clamp on table/desk/bed and rotate any angle to free your hands
  • 3 Light Colors  - Create professional studio lighting in your own home. Select from white, warm yellow, or both for the perfect effect!
  • 10-Level Brightness - Optimize your lighting source to fit your environment. Increase or decrease the brightness to light the moment.
  • Universal Phone Holder  - Works with all iPhone/Samsung smartphones up to 3.6 inches. Use for all your social media posts!
  • USB Powered - No battery needed. Our 55 inch long cable will make sure your studio light never fades!

Durable, Strong, and Multifunctional! No need to rearrange your furniture or sit in front of a window ever again for the best lighting. Make your followers wonder how you get the perfect lighting every time!