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Mini LED Pocket Projector

Bring It With You For Movies On-The-Go Anywhere!

Tired of hurting your neck while trying to watch a movie on your laptop in bed?Do you wish you could watch a movie under the stars?

Solve all your movie watching needs with our Mini LED Pocket Projector. No more crowding around the computer to watch a video or play a game. Simply turn ANY wall into a mega movie screen theatre!

Take our Mini LED Pocket Projector with you on the go, it easily attaches to your electronic devices and instantly projects your screen in high quality onto any wall, ceiling, or floor. Pick one up today for never ending family movie nights!


  • Powerful  - Our small, but mighty projector leaves you breathless with its high resolution projection and colors.
  • Easy Installation  - Simply hook up the projector using the cords supplied or multiple inputs offered. Instantly project your images in high resolution.
  • Portable- Our Mini LED Projector is perfect for on the go. Take it with you on your next camping trip or sleep over!
  • Bright- No need to worry about being able to view the projected pictures. Our Mini LED Projector shines brighter than the stars!
  • Fun for All - We designed the projector to be fun for the entire family, so you can enjoy the perfect movie for everyone!

Portable, Powerful, and Simple!No more small screens, for large crowds. Our Mini LED Projector has got you covered!