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Magnetic Wristband Hand Wraps

Get The Job Done Quicker With the Magnetic Wristband Hand Wraps!

Are you tired of dropping your tools when you just want to get the project done? Do you have a hard time remembering which tools you need and which you don't?

Keep your tools handy with our Magnetic Wristband Hand Wraps, say goodbye to dropping tools on your toes or searching for where you put that screwdriver. Instantly turn ANY household project into a simple task.

Secure our wristbands around  any wrist size and attach the tools you need for the job. Simply move around your work station and get your project done faster with the tools you need ready to go!


  • Powerful Magnet - The wristband is designed with a super magnetic to hold your tools in place while you work worry free!
  • Strong and Breathable-The durable Oxford cloth is breathable and comfortable to wear throughout the entire day, so you never have to stop the construction!
  • Hands Free - Keep your hands free when climbing up a ladder with your tools on those high up jobs.
  • Space Saver - The wristband is great to bring with you to work or leave in the car for any projects on the go.
  • Fits Any Wrist - The wristband is designed to fit each wrist comfortably. Males and females can adjust the strap to their desired tightness using the magnetic tape to secure the wrap in place.

Strong, Durable, and Comfortable!No need to remember where you left your tools. Just place and remove each instrument from the band as needed to get the job done!