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360 Degree Cup Cleaner

Speed Up Dish Duty Today With The 360 Degree Cup Cleaner!

Fed up with having to scrub your cups over and over again?Tired of washing dishes all day?

Speed up the process of washing with our 360 Degree Cup Cleaner, say goodbye to sticky bottoms and lipstick rings. Instantly turn ANY sink into a powerful washing machine using the 360 Degree Cup Cleaner!

Pop the cup cleaner on the side of your sink or on top of your counter in one simple press. The suction cups lock the cleaner in place so you can scrub away the dirt and germs fast so you can get back to your day!



  • Easy to Use - In one easy step stick the 360 Degree Cup Cleaner to your desired surface and you are ready to begin scrubbing!
  • Versatile - Place in your sink or on your counter for a side angle clean or up and down clean. Either way your cups with sparkle!
  • Ultra Durable - The 360 Degree Cup Cleaner is designed to hold in place while you wash. The 3 powerful suction cups won't budge as you scrub!
  • Fits ANY Container  - Fits any container shape or size.  Use it on plastic kid's cups, wine glasses, mugs, sport's bottles, beer bottles and more!
  • Environment Friendly - Completely  reusable, so you can keep scrubbing all your cups clean!

Strong, Powerful and Simple! No need to spend hours scrubbing those cups clean, the 360 Degree Cup Cleaner will have the job done quickly!