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Infant Toddler Snot Cleaner

Our Infant/Toddler Snot Cleaner is your best friend when the little ones are sick. Whether they are having trouble sleeping or playing, the nasal aspirator is to the rescue sucking out the yuck from their little noses. The strong suction nozzle provides the right force with its three settings and is made of a soft silicone with non- toxic materials. The eco-friendly nose cleaner is great for the whole family and designed to help you get back to your day snot free!


  • Non-toxic and BPA free
  • Safe for all ages, including infants
  • 3 setting provides the right level of suction needed
  • Designed to sit comfortably in your hand while using
  • Can also be used to remove black heads from clogged pores
  • USB charging 

100% Money Back Guarantee & Worldwide Shipping

Material: Silicone