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Holographic Reflective Basketball

Become The Coolest Player On The Court With This Holographic Reflective Basketball!

Want to stand out while your practicing your jump shot?  Have a birthday party coming up and don't know what to get them?

Brighten your skills on the court with out Holographic Reflective Basketball and Instantly light up your dribbling with this must have ball. Turn any game day or night into a color explosion!

Place your phone light on the Holographic Reflective Basketball indoors or outdoors and watch it glow before your eyes. Keep your friends on their toes as you dazzle them with its effects!


  • Designed For All Courts  - The Holographic Reflective Basketball is suitable for all concrete, rubber, plastic, and indoor courts so you never have to stop!
  • Leek Proof- Designed to keep the air in to avoid leaks while you play. Arrives with 2 needles to keep your ball firm for your next play.
  • Ultra Durable - The soft wear resistant materials glides across your hand as you play and minimizes damages to the reflective skin.
  • Created For All -This basketball is perfect for performance. Use it in your next practice or game and you won't be disappointed.
  • Fun For ALL Ages- A fun way to play with your family and friends. Light up your next basketball game with its reflective glow.

Bright, Bold and Beautiful!Make them jealous with your amazing holographic performance basketball, your friends will wish they got one first!