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Pet Water Fountain

Hydrate Your Furry Friends With The Press Of Button With The Automatic Step On Pet Water Fountain!

Do your water bowls get filled with leaves and dirt?  Tired of changing your dogs water bowl to keep them cool and fresh?

Keep fresh water flowing with our Automatic Step On Pet Water Fountain, and keep your furry friends hydrated and cool all day long! Instantly turn your hose into the ideal water fountain for your pet!

Place our durable connector to any outdoor garden hose and turn on the water. The easy to use push peddle allows your dog to activate the water stream with a simple press. As the water sprays up, watch your dog enjoy cool fresh water every time!




  • Easy Installation  - Setting up this doggie water fountain outside requires absolutely no specialized skill. Every purchase comes with bonus adaptors, connectors, that let you easily connect to your water connection!
  • Simple to Train  - Simple show your furry friend how to activate the fountain by pressing their paw on the pad. Quickly watch them learn and enjoy the fresh water fountain!
  • Ultra Durable - Designed with heavy gauge steel to guarantee its strength and durability. It also has a leak-proof copper valve and rubber friction pads to minimize movement when in use.
  • Perfect for All Size Pets  - The easy press push peddle can be activated with a simple paw press, so every dog can drink fresh water on their own!
  • Ultra Convenient  - A 5% drop in bodily fluids can be enough to induce dehydration in dogs. Intense heat & a lack of clean drinking water can cause distress for your pup!

Simple, Fresh, and Convenient! Offer fresh healthy water to your pet all day long as they run, jump, and play outdoors