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Vacuum Seal Food Lids

Instantly Vacuum Seal And Keep Your Food Fresh Longer With These Food Lids!

Fed up of wasting food that goes off quickly? Wanting to preserve your food for longer while at home?

Keep your leftover food  fresh with our  Instant Sealing Food Lids, say goodbye to throwing leftovers in the trash. Instantly turn ANY container into a vacuum sealed food container!

Place our vacuum sealing lids  over any container. Simply press the centre to lock in freshness and lift to enjoy fresh food every time. Reduce waste in the kitchen today!


  • Keep Food FRESH  - Vacuum sealing stops moisture and mold from forming on your  food. Preserves  3 TIMES the shelf life and freshness  of your food!
  • Keeps Out Germs  - Effectively prevents bacteria from reaching your leftovers, saving yourself from a sore stomach afterwards!
  • Ultra Durable - TPU   is the core material of bulletproof vests, so it’s guaranteed to be  durable and long lasting.
  • Fits ANY Container  - Fits any container shape or size.  Use it for ceramic bowls, metal jars, plastic cups, wine glasses, and more!
  • Environment Friendly - Completely  reusable, reduce the waste of plastic wraps in landfills! Plus, its 100% food-grade safe & BPA free!

Dishwasher, Microwave, and Freezer Safe! No need to buy dozens of expensive airtight containers. Just use whatever you already have and then seal away!