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ServePro™ Solo Tennis Trainer

Train Your Tennis Shot Anytime, Anywhere With The Solo Tennis Trainer!

Can't find someone to practice your tennis skills with?  Want to strengthen your shot and move from a beginner player to an advanced player?

Keep the balls coming with our amazing Solo Tennis Trainer and say goodbye to chasing your balls down the court. Turn  ANYoutdoor space into a training session with our handy tennis trainer!

Fill the Solo Tennis Trainer tank with water to weight it to the ground and unravel the string to our desired distance. Watch the ball return as it simulates another player, keeping you on your toes as you practice your swing!


  • Master Your Swing  - The simple yet sturdy designs allows you to practice powerful swings while your trainer stays in place!
  • Portable  - The Solo Tennis Trainer is great to bring on the go! It's light weight design allows you to bring it to the park with ease.
  • Adjustable - The trainer string can be adjusted to the perfect length for your shot. Ravel half for quick returns or lengthen it fully for a real game simulation.
  • Great for all Levels  - Whether you are a beginner or advanced players, the Solo Tennis Trainer will help you perfect your swings!
  • Fun - Not only is the trainer great for training, but it makes exercising fun for the whole family!

Durable, Portable, and Fun!The trainer that's always available when your ready to play!