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Retractable Slim Dust Brush

Instantly Dust Those Hard to Reach Places With The Retractable Slim Dust Brush!

Tired of crouching down to clean under your furniture?  Having trouble reaching those high spaces where dust loves to collect?

Keep your cleaning routine easy and efficient with our Retractable Slim Dust Brush and say goodbye to dust build up in your home! Trap dust instantly with each swipe of the brush and simply throw in the wash machine for quick cleaning!

Get those hard to reach places by simply extending the long handle and swiping the pad to lock in stubborn dirt and dust that builds up under the couch, behind the television, on top of the shelf and more! Keep your family breathing healthy air and rid your home of unwanted dust!



  • Flexible  - The Retractable Slim Dust Brush   won't break or snap!  The flexible design allows you to reach all those tight places, high or low that  your hands or vacuum cannot reach!
  • Versatile - The brush is designed to   safely clean all surfaces. Remove dust from wood, tile, marble, plastic, glass, concrete and more!
  • Swivel Action-  The swivel action is designed to move with you while you clean. This feature is great for getting under furniture without hurting your back!
  • Wash Machine Safe-  Once  you've finished dusting, simply remove the sleeve and   toss into your wash machine for an easy clean!
  • Slim and Compact - Hang the Retractable Slim Dust Brush discreetly in your closet or cupboard or simply lay flat in 2 parts in tight places. 

Flexible,  Durable, and  Retractable! The perfect cleaning tool to reach  the spaces no other  equipment can!