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Magnetic Metal Privacy Phone Case

Protect Your Phone And Your Passwords With The Magnetic Tempered Glass Privacy Metal Phone Case!

Tired of hiding your screen when typing in a password? Are you worried about dropping and cracking your phone?

Keep your smartphone protected with our Magnetic Tempered Glass Privacy Metal Phone Case and forget about those people looking over your shoulder. Instantly hide your screen from others and shield your phone from falls, cracks, and scratches!

Snap on our case in one easy step. Simply use the magnetic attraction to secure your phone and keep your business private. No longer a need for screen protectors and a bulky case!


  • HIDE Sensitive Information -Our privacy tempered glass blocks others from viewing your screen so you no longer have to hide your phone!
  • Precise fit - The tight fit protects your screen from cracks, scratches and dust without reducing the sensitivity of your touch.
  • Anti Fall - The metal case design keeps your phone safe from falls, bumps, and scrapes.
  • Independent Keys - The case is created to feature each button independently so you can navigate your phone with ease!
  • Unimpaired Signals - Confidently charge your smartphone wirelessly without an impaired signal!

Durable, Sleek and Tough!No need to hunt for the perfect phone case and screen protector. Simply snap on the Metal Magnetic Tempered Glass Privacy Metal Phone Case and go!