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Portable Lint Remover

Instantly Remove Stubborn Lint, Hair and Fluff from Fabric In Seconds With This Portable Lint Remover!

Tired of changing your clothes because it is covered in pet hair?Can't seem to get the lint of your sofa and furniture?

Keep your fabrics looking brand new with our Portable Lint Remover, say goodbye to unnecessary fluff. Instantly remove lint from your clothes and furniture and never worry about ripping the fabric!

Glide the Portable Lint Remover down the fabric to capture hair, lint and more. Simply pluck the removed waste from the teeth and throw away for beautifully looking clothes, carpets and furniture!


  • Simple -Easy to use device does not require batteries and is safe for all users.
  • Easy To Clean - The Portable Lint Remover dissembles into 3 parts for easy cleaning.
  • Great For On The Go - Designed to keep you on time with its quick lint removal fix or keep in the car for your next outing.
  • Sturdy - The handle is secured tightly so you can glide the teeth over any fabric with no worries!
  • Pet Friendly- Use the lint remover to eliminate dog or cat hair from your furry friends!

Simple, Sleek, and Safe No need to buy sticky tape rollers, or plug in electric lint removing machines, bring your Portable Lint Remover anywhere to get the job done!