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DIY Pavers Concrete Molds

Simply Create The Perfect Walk Way With These Easy To Use DIY Cement Brick Concrete Molds!

Don't have the money or time for a large outdoor renovation?Want an affordable and beautiful patio is your front or back yard?

Keep your house looking up to date with our DIY Cement Brick Concrete Molds, the easy to use molds make DIY projects simple and your neighbors will ask you paved your beautiful path!

Place our concrete molds on the ground and fill with mixed cement. Remove the excess, let dry and lift the mold for a perfect cement pattern. Reduce the cost of a landscaper and  create bricks that are as unique as you!


  • Easy to Use -The easy lay concrete molds turn your landscaping nightmares into backyard dreams!
  • Strong -The thick designed plastic ensures your molds won't crack and break while the concrete dries. 
  • Reusable -Each mold can be used for a guaranteed 1600 uses and wash well after each project.
  • Versatile - Each mold allows you to create the perfect pattern to suit your preferences. Change colours of concrete, flip directions and add spaces as desired!
  • Create the Perfect Size Patio - Add and move molds to create a large patio or a narrow walkway to complement your home!

Dishwasher, Microwave, and Freezer Safe! No need to buy dozens of expensive airtight containers. Just use whatever you already have and then seal away!